Hi, I’m Ali Aas (pronounced 'oz' like the wizard). I’m a Designer at Upstatement, where I lead, build and direct projects for all types of clients.

Some of my work at Upstatement includes... striking a balance between off-beat & journalistic for Grist's new brand & website (2021), bringing the serene experience of visiting the Arnold Arboretum to the web (2020), introducing investors and the public to Commonwealth Fusion Systems — the energy company that will finally make fusion a reality (2019), making venture capital friendly again with Emergence Capital (2018), and turning manufacturing on its head with Steelcase (2018).

Before Upstatement, I worked as a Product Designer and as a consultant helping primarily startups build web and mobile apps.

Outside of work, I used to do more things. But these days, I'm trying to shake my impostor syndrome by finally baking breads that require yeast and by challenging myself to run a full marathon. I also got promoted to a new role: Mom.


Elizabeth Holmes & Steve Jobs